Sirago MedCare


MedCare Services and Fees

MedCare can assist you with any aspect relating to a medical scheme, Health Insurance, Short-term Insurance, Long-term Insurance.

The MedCare fee is R 795 per hour excl. VAT.

Sirago policy holders will receive discounts as follows:

  • PMB claims above R 12 000 a 100% discount will be received. Therefore, the MedCare ADR services are free.
  • Any other medical scheme matter you can pay the fee in advance and will receive a 50% discount, or
  • We can share the risk with you, and you only pay if we are successful. In this case you receive a 15% discount.
  • Matters that relate to short-term or long-term insurance or any other ADR service will be charged at R 895 per hour with a 10% discount for Sirago policy holders.

MedCare will not take on the following cases:

  • Cases that are deemed by MedCare as being frivolous, vexatious or without merits
  • Cases where MedCare do not have the required expertise
  • Litigation in any Court of South Africa. However, MedCare will at the required rates provide evidence on behalf of litigants and support their legal practitioners.
  • Cases against intermediaries or brokers in terms of the FAIS or any other legislation.

No, you can’t. MedCare is prohibited from obtaining broker notes and we do not want to interfere in the relationship with your broker.

No, But MedCare can make recommendations of brokers that you may appoint.